What to do with Eyebrow Color when Dyeing Your Hair

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Dying Hair is Easy!

It can be quite convenient and cost-effective to dye your hair. A quick trip to the cosmetics store and a dye job similar to that of a salon is all it takes to transform those dull locks into luscious hair that Hollywood itself would be jealous of. Skipping a trip to the salon can be so tempting, especially when we consider the impact it can have on our wallets.

But what about dying your eyebrows?

When dyeing hair only a few shades different from your natural color, either lighter or darker, sometimes you will find it unnecessary to do anything different with your eyebrows. Genetically speaking, eyebrow color can be very different from your natural hair color. Your boxed-shade just might match your eyebrows better than your natural color ever did, some eyebrow colors are very forgivable in that regard, however, other eyebrow colors are not.

Particularly if you are planning on dyeing your hair several shades different than your natural hair color, your natural eyebrow color might be a big turnoff when it comes to dyeing your hair. There are two fairly easy options for having the eyebrow color of your choice.

Salon or DIY?

You can go to a salon to get your eyebrows dyed, but because of the harshness of chemicals, and the closeness of the eyebrows to your eyes. It is not often recommended to self-dye eyebrows. If you are set on having your eyebrows dyed, opting for a salon dye on eyebrows only will still turn out to be cheaper than going in for all of the fixings.

An alternative option is, you can fill in your eyebrows with a combination of pencils and shadows. While it is a cheap and effective method, many people still opt for dyeing it as it requires less maintenance. You may have seen some less-than-optimal results on others, but with the right tricks and techniques, makeup-enhanced eyebrows can be natural-looking and attractive.

When filling in your eyebrows with a pencil, it’s important to make dash marks along your eyebrow in the natural direction of the hair to further blend in the pencil markings, adding a small amount of eye shadow can help achieve the desired results. Using a mix of a few different colors, of both pencils and shadows, will likely help give your eyebrows a more multi-tonal, realistic look. Play around and see what combination is best for your face and style.

Keep Reading, Beautiful.