What technique should I use for my brows?

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Is it just me or everyone’s really craving for that extra five minutes of sleep regardless if you went to bed like a grandma at eight or like a teenager at three in the morning? Sometimes I regret closing my eyes into a blackhole of extra minutes of sleep because I always end up rushing through everything and I never get my eyebrows on fleek before I go to work (First world problem, I know. But don’t we all at least have one of these?) . 

Not being able to properly do my eyebrows definitely steals the scene and I would always get some weird looks from people. Truth is, no matter how good your makeup is. If your eyebrows are having a bit of rebellion, trust me, it ruins everything. So after settling in, I usually take in a few minutes to do it again before I head off to meetings for the day. 

As a millennial, I couldn’t let myself suffer from this for long so I asked Google about my problem. “What should I do to get that extra five minutes without sacrificing my eyebrows?” Thankfully, google has the answer… which brought me to another problem. 

There are so many options to choose from! Which one should I choose?

How to choose?

What technique should I use for my brows?

There are a few things to factor when choosing the right technique for you. 

  1. How do you want your brows look? Contrary to popular opinion, different procedures produce different outputs unlike what most people think that it’s only the process and the lifespan that are different. Therefore, you have to know how you want your brows to look so you can pick the right technique.
  2. Biological factors. There are certain types of skins for certain types of techniques though some are compatible with any type of skin. Skin type is very important in dealing with these types of procedures as it dictates how much pigment or ink can be retained by the skin. 
  3. Price. Of course, price always plays a role in any purchase. Though the procedures are quite similar, some procedures are definitely pricier than the others. But a bit of advice, price should always be your last priority. This is an eyebrow fixture so it’s always best to go for quality and make sure that you’re getting what you want. 

What are my options?

Option 1: Brow Tattooing

This is one of the more traditional methods and the more common ones of getting that eyebrow fix I need. 

The thing about brow tattooing is that it’s best for those who like to have a fuller and thicker brow especially in the middle part but it’s not generally recommended for those who want defined brows. 

But here are some of the downsides of brow tattooing. 

  • Since it’s a permanent solution, you won’t really be able to change them so trends are a no-go for you. (But if you’re one who always likes the classics then this one’s okay.)
  • It’s also a bit painful compared to other procedures since the process involves injecting ink deep into the dermis and also tends to bleed more. 
  • Over a period of time, the ink tends to develop a blue green tint around the edges. 

Option 2: Microblading

Microblading is a more popular form of cosmetic tattoo and would be the first on google searches for eyebrow tattoo. Unlike brow tattooing, microblading is semi-permanent. That is, it lasts over a period of a year until two to three years. The good thing about the semi-permanent feature is that you can easily change your brow style to adjust to the trends. 

The greater hype about this procedure is that the strokes mimic existing eyebrows which makes it very naturally-looking and blending in perfectly. Microblading is recommended for individuals who would want to define and shape their brows. 

It is suited for those who have not too dense yet not too sparse eyebrows and those with normal to dry skin. Although it can still be manageable with oily skin (can only retain a percentage of pigment injected) depending upon consultation with the artist. 

But the major downside of microblading is that it is more expensive than brow tattooing and you have to redo it and maintain it every few months depending on the brow situation. This usually ranges $400-$900 but can go as high as $1500-$2000 in large fashion industry areas. 

Option 3: Microshading

Microshading is usually done hand-in-hand with microblading which creates the powdery effect on your brows for the perfect makeup look. This is highly recommended for individuals with very sparse eyebrows, over-plucked eyebrows, and old tattooed eyebrows (must be significantly faded). It is also suited for individuals with oily skin. 

When done hand-in-hand with microblading, it usually costs additional $75-$100 since there is a required higher level of training for artists to perform this procedure. Although there are some salons who offer this as an individual procedure and may cost as high as microblading. 

Option 4: Combination, Powdered and Ombre Brows

These are more dramatic forms of microblading. The effect of a combination brow is a denser, more defined brow with a hint of makeup. On the other hand, ombre brows have a two-tone effect, lighter on the inside and denser and bolder on the tails. It can be done on top of microbladed eyebrows or combination. These are usually worn by individuals who love that fashion forward style. While microblading and microshading are specific to skin types, these two can be done on any skin type. 

You can also choose from three types: crisp brow (harsh lines which look like your usual pencil-drawn brows), powdered brow (filled through the middle and recommended for those who already have well-shaped brows), and hair-like brow (eerily similar with microblading but the lines are not as fine and crisp; nevertheless, you get that really naturally looking brow).

The downside is that it costs even higher than microblading or microshading. 

Keep Reading, Beautiful.