What is Powder Ombre Brows?

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The cosmetics and beauty industry has put a great deal of effort into finding the best solution that will satisfy the need for a fuller and more well-defined look of the brows. Besides the popular microblading, the powder ombre brows is also a highly-demanded procedure that is trending among the fashionista and the youngsters. 

As part of the semi-permanent solutions for improving the look of the brows, the powder ombre brows come from a special treatment and shading technique that is used for achieving powdered and natural-looking brows. The technique itself is combined using dots and shading for filling the brows, which also makes them look thicker and more symmetrical. 

However, one of its vital difference from microblading is that for powder ombre, the pigment is not deposited as deep into the skin which results in quicker fading. A regular and suggested touch up is suggested after the first month and the look of the powder ombre brows can last from one to three years, including the touch-up periods.

A particular ombre effect can also be achieved by using different colored pigments, such as a well-blended combination of lighter to darker pigments. 

In the period of the healing process, it is suggested that physical activity, as well as sun exposure, is avoided because it can contribute to the change of color of the pigment, as well as contributing to skin irritation. Scabbing is to be expected and will appear after 3-5 days after the procedure but an ointment will help. 

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