What is ombre microblading?

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In the desire to find and achieve the best possible look of the brows, one special technique that falls under the general microblading process is the ombre microblading. Ombre is a special shading technique that is widely used and extremely popular in the makeup and hair industry and now has wormed its way into the procedure of microblading. 

The look of the brows contributes to the definition of the entire face, and most especially, to the eyes and eyebrows that come in with the newest ombre trend can present a completely different and fresh look. 

As mentioned above, ombre microblading is a different technique from the microblading itself. It combines both microblading and ombre shading procedures the ombre effect results in different-looking brows and is something that can only be achieved with this specific technique. 

The style of the ombre microblading is similar to the ombre hairstyling. The color of the brows goes from light to dark, resulting in a two-tone effect. 

Many define the ombre brows as manicured brows, precisely because they look more fashionable, modern, and trendy than the regular microbladed brows. It is an excellent choice for all those who don’t want to see their brows so accentuated at the front which might present a stronger and sharper look.

The process of ombre microblading is almost similar to the regular microblading, with only one difference – the color of the pigment. Because the ombre microblading suggests changing the color of the hair, the front part of the brow is done in a lighter color and as the brow arches into the back, it gets darker. 

This type of brows provides a more open look of the eyes, and the darker ends create a nice finish and definition to the face.

For the best possible ombre microblading results, it is always suggested to consult a specialized technician. 

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