On Cosmetic Tattooing: Is microblading safe?

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Scientifically speaking, the eyebrows are important in preventing sweat, water, and other debris from falling down into the eye. But its function extends beyond hard science. Eyebrows are like the subtle details on a skillfully painted canvas which accentuates certain parts of the art brimming it with life and balancing the elements. If that canvas were our faces, eyebrows highlight our eyes giving it the power to express and communicate. It also defines our face and alters it, balances the face, refines our look, and even makes us look more youthful. 

While some are blessed with the perfect brows like Cara Delevingne and Lily Collins which I should say look like beautifully sculpted art pieces.

is microblading safe

There are also people like me whose eyebrows are like a bad hair day, sticking out in every possible direction and are basically like that throughout the day. 

But don’t fret because with the advancements in the science of beauty, there are numerous ways to achieve those perfect brows. 

What is microblading?

Microblading is a semi-permanent form of cosmetic tattooing, a reconstruction process for the eyebrow which applies color pigments that mimic the look of a real hair through the use of a thin and fine handheld blade with a tiny blade. Although this is more associated with people with sparse and undefined eyebrows, it’s also used by those who want to refine their looks and natural finish. 

The process of microblading starts with a consultation followed by brow mapping which measures the size, width, and depth of your brows and to prepare your brows for the procedure. The actual microblading is done manually by a certified artist using a blade equipped with tiny needles which cuts through the dermal-epidermal junction where the pigment is deposited. 

Recently, microblading has become more popular. In 2015, the microblading industry had gotten a big jump from its 2009 data with triple the number of people availing of this procedure. In 2020, it has received a 76% approval rating based on 80 recent ratings according to Real Self which features hundreds of what they call “microblading reviews you can trust, from real people like you.”

It has been projected to be a dominator in the beauty industry in the next few years and continues to receive positive feedback.

Is microblading safe?

Just like any tattooing technique, many are skeptical about the safety of this procedure. 

You don’t need to worry. Microblading is safe and there are very rare instances of infections or complications involving this process. According to the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals or SPCP, there will be no issues as long as all health and safety standards and protocols are followed especially during the COVID-19 pandemic which requires extra layers of protection. 

But the safety of this procedure is dependent not only on the salon where it will be done or the artist who will be performing the actual microblading. It is also very important that an individual is aware of the do’s and don’ts pre- and post- procedure to ensure that complications and risks are reduced. 

Safety Checklist!

Safe does not mean we could be lax and it’s always the better choice that we take our time to research and check. Before committing yourself to an appointment, there are a few safety boxes that you need to check.

☑Check your eligibility for the procedure. 

First, please check our legibility requirements for microblading. If you are taking a prescriptive medicine or undergoing any serious medical treatment, it is highly important that you get to check with your doctor first if you are allowed to undergo the procedure checking whether there are underlying medical conditions that may be affected by the procedure. 

Just like getting a tattoo, the general  age requirement in the United States to  receive the treatment is 18 year-old. According to brow expert Mary Torres in an article published by Greatist, this procedure is not advisable for individuals prone to keloids or suffer from eczema or rosacea. In addition, any pregnant or breastfeeding woman is also not recommended to have their eyebrows microbladed. 

☑ Research the salon and the artist.

The best way to avoid risks is to be better informed of anything that your body will go through. That includes checking where the procedure will be performed, especially during this COVID-19 pandemic wherein additional safety precautions should be in place. 

Get to know your artist as well. Do your research on the artists. One way is through reviews where you can gauge whether the experience will be safe and comfortable. You can easily browse them on Instagram and Facebook and try to read comments so you’d be sure that these are authentic photos and videos. 

The cost of microblading which usually doesn’t include the initial the touch-up range from as low as $300 to as high as $1500 depending on many variable factors. Cheap does not necessarily mean unsafe which goes the same with very expensive ones. Although it is recommended to go within the $400 to $900 range because it’s more affordable at its range yet you don’t compromise quality and safety. 

☑ Listen carefully and follow the preparation do’s and don’ts as well as the after-care instruction. 

You are equally responsible for your safety and that means following the rules. Before undergoing microblading, there are certain guidelines such as medicines and supplements that you would need to discontinue such as blood thinners. 

Aside from that, post-procedure is where medical complications could be more prominent but risks are greatly reduced with strict compliance to the after-care instructions. 

Keep Reading, Beautiful.