Microblading Blonde Eyebrows

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Microblading is a very popular technique that conveniently fills in the eyebrows. It completes a woman’s look and is both a trend and a necessity. Although microblading is mostly seen with brunettes, it is also a famed procedure for blondes that results in natural-looking eyebrows. 

Most blondes have lighter skins, which makes eyebrows and even eyelashes, difficult to percept since they mask the fairness of the skin. This gives a notion of thin eyebrows and has blondes looking into the procedure of microblading to help accentuate their facial features. 

The microblading procedure for the blondes is the same as for the other ones, which makes the treatment all the same. When going for blonde microblading, it is important to do a consultation with the technician that will do the work, decide on the shape and the final look of the brows. 

The color of the pigment that is used for blonde microblading is a shade darker than the natural hair color. This is the best choice for those who want to define their eyebrows but without adding too much color. A pigment that is two shades darker than the natural blonde color is also a very popular choice that many go for, which results in a bolder and stronger look. Mixing colored pigments is also an option for those who are looking for a specific color that suits the face and the skin tone the most. 

When doing this procedure on a natural blonder, it is important to remember that after some time the color will start to lighten and fade, this is why it is best to go for a darker pigment. 

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