How To Shape Your Eyebrows With Eyebrow Stencils (Updated 2021)

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Both men and women are looking for the best ways to improve their outer appearance and boost their personality. Learning how to shape eyebrows is a must-do because well-defined and shaped brows boost your appearance in a very big way. Good thing you can now find online resources, printed materials, and even video tutorials teaching you the basics of this beauty fundamental.

Here are different ways how you could easily and effectively shape your eyebrows and reap immediate results.

  • Work with what you have. Take a good and close look at the shape of your eyebrows and from there, work to enhance what you have. Use an eyebrow pencil to make thin eyebrows look fuller and remove stray hair if you have a rather full eyebrow to shape.
  • Where To Start. Decide where your eyebrows should start by drawing an imaginary straight line that starts from the outer sides of your nostril to the center of your brow. However, the general rule of thumb is to get a ruler and position it to the inner corner of the eye.
  • It’s all in the Arch. For beginners, place a ruler specifically on the tip of your nose as the reference. Rotate the ruler so it goes directly across the center of your pupil and follows the section of your brow where the ruler crosses. This section should be the highest point of the arch.
  • What about the End? Now that you have decided where the eyebrow should start and where the arch should be, you must also determine where it ends. Use a ruler and place its tip at the outer nose to the outside corner of the eye. This is the ideal place where the eyebrow should end.
  • To Trim or Not to Trim?  Determine if you need to pluck or trim your brows only when necessary. How can you tell that you need to trim your brows? First, brush your eyebrows up straight and see if long hairs are coming out of the natural shape of the brows on top. These stray hairs ought to be removed through trimming and not plucking.
  • Be Consistent. Upkeep is the last tip to having well defined and beauty-boosting eyebrows. Exerting extra effort for prepping your brows would simply go to waste if you do not maintain it. Thus, regularly check your brows and see what has grown and what needs to be removed.

With these simple and basic tips on shaping eyebrows, prepping is easy and you could even do it yourself. If you are not sure how to shape eyebrows, there are always eyebrow experts you could go to for help.

On another note, having the perfect brows is essential for every woman in creating a beautiful look that will highlight your features and your eyes, this is especially easy when using eyebrow stencils. The shape of your brows can really enhance your eyes to give you a superb stunning look so it is important to choose the right shape and thickness for your brows in order to suit your facial features. If you are wondering how to shape your eyebrows for the perfect look you should try using eyebrow stencils.

One of the most difficult things about shaping your brows with eyebrow stencils is knowing what the best shape is for you. Generally, the best way to choose the shape is to keep the natural contour of your brow and then choose the appropriate eyebrow stencil to style it to the required shape.

A great way of shaping your brows is to use eyebrow stencils. It gives you a quick and easy way to achieve the shape that you want and the stencils can give you a general idea of what the shape will look like before you start tweezing your brows. The eyebrow stencils are available in a variety of different shapes so you can choose from rounded or angled brows to make your eyes more beautiful.

What are eyebrow stencils?

Eyebrow Stencils

The stencils are made from see-through flexible plastic that you can easily hold in front of your eyebrow to help you achieve the perfect contour. Using the stencils will guarantee that you will be able to style each eyebrow exactly the same way which is often difficult to achieve with just using tweezers. You can use the stencils regularly while tweezing your eyebrows to keep them in perfect shape.

You can achieve the perfect brows by simply holding the stencil against your brow, line it up according to the instructions using the reference points, and then use a brow pencil to outline the shape of the stencil onto your brow. You can then use a brush and powder to fill in the shape of the stencil. When you remove the stencil you should see the shape and outline of the stencil on your brow and then you can use your tweezers to remove the hair around the outline in order to achieve the same shape as the stencil. It gives you a very simple and convenient method and it ensures you will have the perfect shape.

You can also experiment with different shapes depending on your original brows, and whether you have thin or thick brows you can choose the ideal shape to suit you using the stencils. If you are looking for the best method on how to shape your eyebrows and achieve a fabulous look that will last, should definitely try eyebrow stencils.

On that end, learning how to use eyebrow stencils will help you get perfectly shaped brows, the stencils come in a great variety of shapes so you can choose the most suitable shape to suit your eyes and your facial features. Using eyebrow stencils is also great as you can be assured of having both brows exactly the same shape for the perfect uniform appearance. You can easily create perfectly arched or rounded brows thanks to the easy-to-use stencils, helping you guarantee neat and tidy brows all the time which will make it possible for you to create stunning looks anytime at home.

How To Use Eyebrow Stencils For The Perfect Shape

The stencils are available in different shapes and sizes and thanks to the easy-to-use designs you can simply hold them against your brows to compare the different shapes to see which one is the most suitable before actually removing the hair and shaping your brows. Once you decide on the ideal shape you can pencil the shape of the stencil onto your eyebrows using an eyebrow pencil, you can then tweeze and remove the hairs around the shape of the stencil on your brows. This will ensure that you get the perfect shape on each brow every time which can be normally difficult to achieve especially for arched or rounded shapes.

Learn How To Use Eyebrow Stencils

  • The stencils come in different shapes like straight, arched, and rounded so you can choose the perfect shape to suit your features
  • The easy to use stencils can be used many times as they come in flexible plastic
  • Hold the stencils up to your brows to find the most suitable shape before you start to tweeze your brows
  • Use eyebrow pencil and powder to stencil the shape onto your brows before removing the hairs
  • Gently tweeze the hairs around the stencil shape on your brows which will ensure you get the perfect contour and shape of the eyebrow stencil

Learning how to use eyebrow stencils is the perfect solution for achieving fabulous brows at home. They are easy to use and you can achieve the same results as visiting a beauty parlor without having to pay the expensive bill. You can also easily change the shape of your brows anytime and experiment with different shapes to find the most suitable for you and create the perfect stunning look right at home.

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