How to Pick the Perfect Eyebrow Tweezer? (Updated 2021)

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As far as facial features go, eyebrows are very important. Some people have natural and perfectly shaped eyebrows, while others take matters into their own hands and pluck them themselves. One of the greatest fears in plucking your eyebrows is the pain, which for those that have experienced it, is not bad at all. In fact, for several people, it seems to help relieve stress. It is as if each hair plucked releases tension, or anger built up inside. 

Tweezing might sound unchallenging, however, it is actually fairly easy to commit mistakes while plucking your eyebrows, especially if you are a beginner. This can result in an unenjoyable experience and badly-plucked brows, which can be unflattering and would require more work than what you initially want. 

To avoid that, you must have both the technique and the right pair of tweezers. 

How to Choose an Eyebrow Tweezer? 

Eyebrow Tweezer

Avoid Cheap Tweezers

Unlike the average cosmetics store brand, tweezers that are actually made to pluck eyebrows specifically are worth the investment. Regular tweezers are not as pointed or sharp as eyebrow tweezers, and they will become dull much more quickly. It is hard to remove the hair as soon as it starts growing back, and oftentimes you have to wait a couple of days when the hair grows long before you can pluck it out. These tweezers are a bit pricier than the regular kind but are all worth the money.


Slanted tweezers are the overall best choice when it comes to eyebrow maintenance, the slanted design provides accuracy and precision for anyone that’s attempting to pluck their own eyebrows. They also allow the hair to be plucked with ease without missing any aimed for. Eyebrow shaping requires precision, accuracy, and ease, Slanted tweezers provide all three.

Pointy tweezers are great when there is a need to remove those hard to pluck ingrown hairs. Their pointy design permits accurate reach, some use them to remove splinters, too.

Combination tweezers design includes both, pointy and slanted. These offer both conveniences in one pair of tweezers.

Magnifier tweezers include a magnifier for those of us who keep missing those hard to see hairs.

Quality and Precision

Tweezers come in various degrees of quality, the sharper the tip, the better the quality. Unlike other things, if they lack sharpness, you will end up plucking your skin instead of your hair. You may get frustrated and wonder why you purchased it in the first place.

Precision is the key to a good pair of tweezers which provide that perfect pluck. A well-engineered sharp, well-angled pair of tweezers will allow the user to aim, pluck, and pull the hair including its root.

Rubis Tweezers are top of the line tweezers. Originally, Rubis Switzerland developed its precision tweezers for watchmakers. They took that precision and turned it into a beauty tool that includes quality, and functionality, their tweezers are available in stainless steel and in gold. You can even get the tweezers engraved for that nice personalized gift.


Tweezers prices range widely, the price you pay is the quality you get. You can find inexpensive tweezers at cosmetics stores, grocery stores, pharmacies, and supermarkets. These will do when you are in a hurry and need to purchase them as a last resort. However, investing a little bit more money will have its rewards in the end.

Maybelline has a pair of Expert Tools Slant Tip Tweezers for under $5 that works well despite the price. There is a wide variety of tweezers available be it by shape, brand, color, application, and the like. If you are in the market to purchase a pair, consider purpose, quality, precision, and price. It may be worth it to invest a little time doing research in order to avoid frustration and skin plucking.


Standard tweezers are the familiar tension-pincher shape, allowing the user to nip and shape the brows. Another option is the scissor-tweezer, much like the Sally Hansen model as they boast angled arms for a better tweezing view. Some cons of the scissor models, however, are pincher-tension, and thumb/finger comfort.

Tip weight & angle 

After selecting your tweezer’s style, the most important factor to consider is the pincher’s tip. Heavier-weighted tips have stronger tension but may also cause more skin pinching in the plucking process, thinner tips, on the other hand, offer more control, and are better for gripping fine hairs. 

There are two tip angles to choose from: square and slanted. Slanted tips are most prevalent, and in my experience, most useful in angling toward strays. Additionally, tweezer consumers can add some bling to hair-removal with Revlon’s Diamond Grip Tweezers, rated 4 stars on Reviewers seem to agree the crushed-gem tweezer tips adds a glittering grip to even the wispiest facial hairs.


When poking with metal near your eyes, make sure the tool you choose fits comfortably, and securely in your hand. Tweezers range from no-grip models, like OceanPure tweezers, to satin grips on Revlon Expert tweezers, to extra comfort grips on the Sally Hansen Easy-Tweezy model.

Electric Options 

There are some electric and automatic tweezers available. LED Light Tweezers spotlight hard-to-see hairs with an on/off light option for custom illumination. With 3.5 stars on, the Emjoi Tweeze Tweezer boasts an increased hair removal rate with automatic and finite precision. 

Full Kits 

For a full brow makeover, total eyebrow tool kits are available. Most include pointed and slant-tip tweezers, as well as brow scissors, brushes, and combs for body maintenance.

If you’re in the market for new eyebrow maintenance tools, consider your beauty routine. Do you need a tool that will pick up baby-fine wisps or one that will lift thick, stubborn hair? Ask around, read consumer reviews, and leave your own feedback for other tweezer shoppers.

Eyebrow Tweezing for Beginners: Tips and Tricks

If you don’t know how to make do with your bushy and scattered eyebrows, there are multiple ways to shape them to appear more cleaner and defined. One is tweezing. However, being a beginner, tweezing might be overwhelming. You don’t want to end up with eyebrows worse than your bushy ones. 

So here are tips and tricks on how to avoid and fix your tweezing mistakes! 

For a tidier look

If you just want a tidier look you can simply remove the unwanted hair from around your brows and also in between your brows, this will give them a much neater appearance, and then you can apply some eyebrow pencil to give them more volume.

“Surprised” Eyebrows

To get “surprised eyebrows”, start plucking from the middle, then work your way down on each side, plucking the most in the middle. Every now and then, you should take a look at the mirror to view your overall progress.

Long and Slender Eyebrows

For long slender eyebrows, it is most advisable to start from the bottom and pluck horizontally before doing it vertically in order to lessen the amount you pluck in the first go. 

Shaping the Eyebrows

Another way to figure out which hairs to pluck when getting the shape you want is by cutting out the shape of the eyebrow you want from a piece of paper and taping it onto your eyebrow. It is important to match the top of the model to the top of your eyebrow so that you do not need to pluck any more from the top. 

Also, make sure to tape them on from the top, otherwise, there could be tape in the way of an area needed to be plucked. Any mistakes made can easily be fixed by the use of an eyebrow pencil, gently brush the pencil along and/or around the eyebrow to make it look thicker/longer. Doing so would only be temporary though, it will be effective just until new hairs grow back. They tend to grow back within a week or so, depending on the person as well as how many times you have plucked them before.

Keep Reading, Beautiful.