Homemade Eyebrow Wax

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When shaping the eyebrows and removing any unwanted hairs, waxing is always the easiest method to choose. However, when it comes to eyebrow waxing, melting a jar of wax for a simple spoonful amount of melted wax can be ridiculous and time-consuming.

Instead, the next time you want to wax your eyebrows, try making and using a homemade honey lemon eyebrow wax, which can be easily made in the kitchen using a few basic ingredients and materials. You will get just the right amount of wax you need to shape up your eyebrows properly and best of all, honey lemon eyebrow wax is natural and free from harsh chemicals, not to mention that you can also save time and money on other hair removal waxing product.

Basic Ingredients for Homemade Eyebrow Wax

The basic ingredients you will need to make the homemade wax are two tablespoons of dark brown sugar, one tablespoon of organic honey, and one tablespoon of lemon water. Lemon water is just how it sounds, all you do is squeeze some fresh lemon juice into some water, mix it in well and take a tablespoon of it to make the wax. As for the rest of the lemon water that is leftover, you can sip it down like a refreshing detoxifying beverage. Now, if you do not have honey, brown sugar, or lemons at home you can easily find them at the grocery at an affordable price. The reason these ingredients are needed to make the eyebrow wax is that when they are combined and melted together. they form a sticky substance similar to lovely homemade sugar wax.

Process of Making the Eyebrow Wax

To make the eyebrow wax, place all the ingredients into a small microwavable glass dish and combine them with a metal spoon. Afterward, place the dish in the microwave for about 60 to 65 seconds where the mixture will bubble and leave the kitchen with a lemony fresh scent. However, do not leave the mixture in the microwave for too long because you will be left with a dish full of hard cemented sugar that is similar to hard candy that can only be dissolved with boiling water. You will also want to pay attention to the mixture while it is in the microwave because it may boil over, and if it does boil over, simply open the microwave door and the bubbles will go down. Then, continue the amount of time you have left on the microwave. Once the mixture is done in the microwave, remove it and give it a good stir using a spoon. Next, place the bowl of mixture into the refrigerator on a potholder to cool down for about five minutes.

The reason you want a potholder to set the bowl of hot mixture on inside the refrigerator is that hot glass touching cold glass causes the glass to crack, once the five minutes is up, remove the wax from the refrigerator and give it a good stir. It should be thick like wax in texture and sticky enough to stick to your hair without being too hot. However, before using the wax to shape your eyebrows it is best you test the wax on your arm to make sure it is cool enough to use around the delicate eye area.

Using the Wax for Waxing the Eyebrows

When you are ready to use the wax to wax the eyebrows, take a waxing applicator utensil or popsicle stick and scoop a small amount of the eyebrow wax-up. After which, apply a thin layer to the area of hair you want to remove around the eyebrows. If you accidentally get wax on an area you do not wish to wax, simply wash the area off with warm water. Once you have the application of wax in the desired area, take a strip of eyebrow waxing cotton or cheesecloth and press it into the waxed area. Afterward, gently pull the cotton strip in the opposite direction of the hair growth to remove any unwanted hair, you can repeat this step until the eyebrows are shaped the way you desire them to be.

After the process, it is best to massage aloe vera or vitamin E cream to the area you waxed to soothe, condition, and protect the skin. Next, look in a mirror and see if a few hairs are left behind and carefully remove them with tweezers if there are any, the tweezing step is not often needed. Then, simply enjoy your beautifully waxed eyebrows that were done naturally.


When using this type of wax, it is important to remember to let it cool down as it is quite hot. Remember, always test the homemade wax on a small area of your arm first before applying it to the eyebrow area to prevent serious burns from occurring.

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