Eyebrow Threading: A great way to obtain beautiful brows

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Taking care of eyebrows can be such a big ordeal especially when trying to figure out if you want to tweeze, wax, tattoo, or even thread them. Eyebrow threading, however, is probably the best method to choose, because not only can you get the closest to the actual shape desired, there’s also less pain to deal with. Eyebrow threading was a practice that first got popularized in the eastern cultures of India, and Central Asia as a way for women to beautify themselves and remove excess hair.

Eyebrow threading in the modern day is where a beautician or eyelash-technician starts by making a loop with the thread and then twirling it around the needle a few times, the beautician then gently applies the thread to the area that is desired. If you are sensitive to pain, the beautician can apply a cold icepack to the area first, to numb it. They can also numb the needle by placing it in a refrigerator if they have one in the shop. If they don’t have a refrigerator, they may take the needle to run it under really cold water for about 10 minutes or so just to numb the area for you.

In most cases, the beautician will start removing the hair that is in the middle of the brows first then continue with the top and bottom. With eyebrow threading, you can achieve any desired shape, length, and thickness, wherein with the other procedures, it is a much harder ordeal to achieve. Eyebrow threading is usually done mainly on the face area, but this can be done on the belly button, and down to your toes if needed. 

Eyebrow threading has some really good advantages such as being, inexpensive, relatively painless, convenient, and lasting anywhere from three to five weeks, suitable for all skin types, even ones that are extremely sensitive and the best part is that no harsh chemicals are used, which eliminates the worry of breaking out. The only disadvantage of eyebrow threading is that it cannot be done in very difficult areas, such as the bikini line or knees. The reason for this is eyebrow threading must be done on a flat surface since you are using the needle and thread, and it is also detrimental for someone who has really bad acne by their forehead or brows, as it may cause a rupture and then afterwards, infection.

After you get your eyebrows threaded you may apply an astringent to your eyebrows, or the area where you had it done. Eyebrow threading ranges in price depending on the quality of service you want, $5 being the usual, cheapest price. It is usually advised to visit a professional whenever you plan to get your eyebrows threaded as paying $5 is way better than having botched eyebrows for the price of $0.

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