Eyebrow Shaping for Men

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Eyebrow shaping can add masculinity and power to your face and is not just the privilege of movie-stars and rock-stars.

Most men can add a hint of masculinity and power to their face by getting a professional “shaping” of their eyebrows at any salon.

For many men, keeping their face cleanly shaven is a daily task, they can go to great lengths to make sure that their facial hair is trim, tidy, or shaved completely. However, the area of the face that men often overlook is the eyebrows.

Eyebrows are expressive

The eyebrows frame the eyes and form a core part of many emotional expressions through the face, you lift your eyebrows to indicate curiosity or confusion and push them together whenever you get frustrated or angry. It stands to reason then, that men should pay more attention to their eyebrows and the subtle effect it can have on your face, expressions, and looks in general.

Shaped eyebrows indicate good grooming and that you are a man who cares for his appearance. Anyone who appears in the public spotlight often will likely get their eyebrows shaped due to the effect that it has on their appearance. You will often notice that celebrities have well-shaped eyebrows to indicate their masculinity and to add character to their expression.

Well-defined eyebrows add a great deal of appeal to your face, making you seem more masculine, and dominant. Eyebrow shaping can also be utilized in taking care of your mono-brow, tidying up your arches, or getting rid of the long trailing effect of overgrown brows.

How to get your eyebrows done

To get it done, try a salon. Most salons will offer this service to men for as low as $5, to as much as $75 in high-end salons, you can also ask them to tidy up some of the hairs on your cheeks while you are there as most salons will also provide this service.

It is a relatively painless procedure, the hot wax is liberally applied to your eyebrows and the excess hair is pulled away. The salon will typically then pluck your eyebrows further through a process called threading in order to bring about the desired shape.

Once your eyebrows have been shaped, you can keep them in order with gentle plucking. This will remove any stray hairs that have grown outside of the shaped region and help to maintain your look. You should ultimately look at getting your eyebrows shaped about once every six months.

Considering how cheap most salons will shape your eyebrows as it is a piece of grooming that is definitely worth investigating. For a very cheap price, you will be drawing more attention to your eyes, making your face better defined, and will be naturally more attractive to the opposite sex.

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