Eyebrow Piercings For Men And Women

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Sometimes you will think it has slipped out of fashion only to find it trending some time later. We are talking about eyebrow piercing that has been a fashion statement since thousands of years ago. Even today, eyebrow piercings are favorites of many, and its unisex nature makes men and women find it equally appealing.

Technically a flat surface piercing, the healing process, and duration of eyebrow piercings are a bit different from other piercing types.

Do Eyebrow Piercings Hurt A Lot?

On comparing the pain levels of various piercings, eyebrow piercings aren’t that tough. You are going to feel a pinch and some pressure but that isn’t something unbearable. But the level of discomfort you experience post piercing might be more intense than that you experience after other piercings. Blood rushing to the injured points might cause many unpleasant symptoms and some may even develop a black eye after piercing. However, these aren’t things to worry about much because the symptoms go away on their own after some time.

Catchy Eyebrow Piercing Styles For Men 

eyebrow piercing

Here are some attractive eyebrow piercing styles for men. Many of these styles look equally good in women as well.

Eyebrow Ring 

A standard eyebrow piercing style, a ring is worn near the eyebrow point past the brow arch. Most people go for this look when it is their first time getting a piercing.

Horizontal Barbell 

A barbell is a piece of piercing jewelry that has a straight bar with beads at both ends. One or both beads can be unscrewed and if needed, you may change the beads. In the horizontal barbell piercing style, the barbell is placed horizontally above or below the eyebrow just past the arch.

Multiple Rings 

If you want something loud, you can go for multiple ring piercings where you wear multiple rings close to one other on the eyebrow. For this style too, the area past the eyebrow is selected.

Single Spike 

In this style, you wear a single barbell vertically on the eyebrow just past the arch. The ends of the barbell are fitted with spikes.

Multiple Spikes

If you prefer a badass look to a subtle one, try spiked barbells where the end of the bar is fitted with spikes.

Corkscrew Barbell

This look is a bit uncommon but if you love piercing styles that aren’t much explored, the corkscrew barbell style is perfect for you. In this piercing style, the barbell corkscrews in horizontally across the eyebrow. The accessory will have a size above the average, and choose it only if you think it will suit your face. You may ask a piercer for an opinion.

Eyebrow Piercings Styles For Women 

Here are some popular eyebrow piercing styles that will look really good on women.

Vertical Barbell

If you want a style that is simple and classy, go for a vertical barbell where you wear a barbell with beads on both ends on the eyebrow near its tail end but not past it.

Snake Bite

The style is also known as anti-eyebrow piercing as it is not actually done on the eyebrow but above the cheek, with the tail end of the eyebrow and piercings coming on a vertical line. The piercing is not perfectly horizontal or vertical, as it is placed at an angle aligning to the curve of the eye.

Upper Bridge Piercing

It isn’t exactly eyebrow piercing. Here the piercing goes through the fleshy part of the nose between your eyes. The style looks very attractive but it isn’t for everyone. If the skin between the eyes is too tight, the piercing may not heal well and there is a high chance it gets rejected.

Colored Vertical Barbell

A barbell need not always come in standard color tones, silver and black. You can choose barbells with beads having attractive colors like pink and blue. It isn’t something that many will try but without a doubt, they are cute.

How Should You Care For Your Eyebrows After You Get A Piercing?

The healing process associated with an eyebrow piercing takes about 2-3 months and throughout this period, you have to be extra cautious to avoid jewelry rejection and migration.

Here are some aftercare rules you have to follow during the healing process.

Don’t wax your eyebrows: During the healing process, it is important to keep foreign substances away from the area around the piercing. Avoid waxing your eyebrows during the healing period. If you have dense brow growth, you may gently pluck or trim the hairs around the piercing.

Be careful while getting haircuts: You might be wondering if you really need to exercise caution while getting a haircut. But you have to be careful during a haircut, especially while cutting the bangs because your eyebrow jewelry could get caught in the comb and tear your delicate eyebrow skin.

Exercise caution when applying makeup or while getting a face wash:No foreign substances other than your aftercare products should be applied near your new piercing and that applies to face wash and makeup too. The chemicals in face wash and makeup can cause skin irritation and lead to issues like scarring.

Don’t move the jewelry around: By moving the jewelry around, you will irritate the delicate skin around the piercing leading to complications. If you got a piercing that isn’t quite subtle, you might be tempted to hide it while attending conservative events but the healing period isn’t simply the time for it. If you attempt to cover the piercing with a bandage, it will put more pressure on the area and lead to rejection of the piercing.

Choose precious metals: Jewelry rejection is caused by many factors but using cheaper metal is one major reason for piercings being rejected. To avoid rejection, go for piercings made of precious metals like 14k gold.

If you are interested in eyebrow piercing, you have a whole lot of styles to try. If it is your first time, we recommend trying a simple piercing style. You can try loud styles later on.

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