5 Best Microblading Needles (Updated 2021)

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Microblading needles are used to add texture, depth, and shading to eyebrows. Picking the needles needs to be done carefully as they can give a great outcome or a very bad one if not done right. Make-up artists often use them to achieve certain looks. 

You need to pick the right microblading needle. This is especially true for beginners. If you have never tattooed before, you need to be very careful and research widely to know what you should and should not use. You need to consider the blade quality, the number of pins, the blade’s size, and the blade angle. 

The different aspects of a microblading needle can change the kind of pain you experience and its look. 

Some of the best microblading needles include:

BigWasp Professional Disposable #10 Bugpin Tattoo Needle 

Microblading Needle


This is one of the best needles for microblading. This is a professional option and has great cartridges for adding ink once professional makeup has been done. The needles have a membrane that prevents ink leaks meaning you remain ink-free as you work with it. 

The needle tips are close-mouthed, semi-transparent, and beveled. This means they are steady and give out more fluid when in use. The fact that they are transparent means you can see the lines you are drawing. 

The blade has three needles. The microblades need to be used carefully, and are best used on people who are greatly experienced or have thick eyebrows. The needles are made of surgical stainless steel adding to safety. 

Made using 316 medical-grade steelSome people complain that the cartridges are not as stable
Comes with 20 needles
The needles are sterilized and safe
The ink barely leaks out
Has a close mouth, semitransparent, and beveled tips

Bottom line

This is a high-quality needle option. It is carefully crafted for a professional outcome and a good choice. 

Check it out here!

Pinkiou 50 Piece Set Microblade Permanent Makeup


If you want details, then this is the microblade needle to go for. This set has incredible standards. It is a 50 set piece, which means you get 50 disposable needles. The size of the needles is .2mm, and that is what makes them perfect for detailing. This is an important consideration when considering the kind of tattooing or makeup you intend to do.

The needles are made using stainless steel, medical-grade. They are further sterilized using gamma rays. This offers a great tool for tattooing. The size is a bit smaller, so you may have to use more pressure. This needle may cause greater pain compared to other options. It is also a bit tricky to use and requires professionalism and experience. 

The needle is perfect for those with thin or regular eyebrows. 

Sterilized with gamma raysIt involves more pain because of the size of the blade and pressure required 
It is made using medical-grade stainless steel
Comes with 50 needles included
It helps give more details to your eyebrows

Bottom line

This microblading needle is perfect for use by professionals. It may cause more pain than others, so this should be something you expect when you pick it for use. It is worth purchasing because it can give a great outcome. 

Check it out here!

PROMICRO Sloped 12 Needle Permanent Makeup 

If you are a beginner, this is one of the best microblading needles you can choose to work with. The needles have a sloping design, which makes them so perfect for different parts of your face. You can use this blade for areola restoration, eyeliner, and eyebrows. 

Angled or sloped needles are the easiest to use for beginners because they can be used more easily to shape and shade eyebrows. They can also be used to add details and different strokes to the eyebrows. 

This blade is not perfect for shading. You may need another needle with more pin count to achieve this. These blades are made of stainless steel, and they are sterilized. The needles are much smaller, so may cause more pain.

Comes with a pack of 10 needlesHas small needles that cause more pain
It is great and safe for beginnersNot the best option for shading
It is sterilized
It is made of stainless steel
The needle is sloped

Bottom line 

This is the perfect choice for beginners. If you want to learn microblading, then this sloped option may be just what you need to get a feel of things. 

Check it out here!

U Needle Microblade 10 Pack of Disposable

This is the best microblading needle if you want to achieve long strokes. The needles are a pack of 10, and they are .25mm in size. This is bigger than some other needles. It also means there is less pain involved when the blade is wider. The blades have a U shape and are tilted at an angle of 30 degrees. This creates a U shape, which allows you to achieve flawless tattoos. 

It has 14 pins, and you can create as much shading as you want with no struggle as you stroke or shape eyebrows. 

The needles are made of 316L stainless steel. They are inspected around three times and then sterilized using EO gas. This makes your tattooing experience a good one. The use of stainless steel prevents corrosion. The use of EO gas eliminates germs. 

The other good thing about this blade is the grip. It is well cushioned, which allows you to have a good hold as you finalize makeup. 

Comfortable grip for a better outcomeIt’s a bit higher priced 
Sterilized needles with EO gasIt only has ten needles in a pack
Comes with a 30-degree angle for easier tattooing
It is made of the best 316 stainless steel
Helps you create longer strokes
Less pain involved

Bottom line

If you want to achieve longer strikes easily, this is your best option. This is a high-quality microblading needle made of high-quality stainless steel.

Check it out here!

Beauty7 Blue U18 Eyebrow Tattoo U Shape 

This is the best microblading needle for anyone with average eyebrows. The beauty 7 Blue U18 eyebrow tattoo is one of the best options and comes in a pack of 20. It makes it possible to come up with excellent tattooing. 

The needles are .25mm in size, larger than some of the microblading needles we have covered here. This means that the needles are easily used, and there is less pain involved. Smaller needles are sharper and can cause a lot of pain. 

The blade has 18 needles making it the best option when you want to shade. There are other blades with less needle count that cannot handle the kind of shading this option can. 

The steel used is 304 stainless steel, which is much lower than the other products listed here. The needles are U-shaped providing a great option for makeup tattooing. It helps in controlling ink distribution. The needles are disposable and are used only once. 

Comes with 20 needlesThe steel grade is much lower compared to some other options
Perfect for shading
It is larger, so less pain involved compared to smaller options
It is U shaped, making it easy to use
Made of medical-grade stainless steel

Bottom line

This blade is perfect for anyone with average eyebrows. With this product, you can achieve a bolder and fuller look with less pain than smaller needles.

Check it out here!

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